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The Holly King (paperback)


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Available for Pre-Order — The Holly King will be published on 14th September 2023.


If you choose the “Signed & Dedicated” option, Mr Stay can sign and dedicate the book as per your request (keep it clean!), and each copy will be stamped with the exclusive Woodville Library Stamp. You’ll also receive a free bookmark.

December, 1940

The Holly King is coming, and you’re on his list . . . 

You are cordially invited to the FEAST OF FOOLS.
A YULETIDE celebration in the village of WOODVILLE.
Your host is THE HOLLY KING, benevolent demigod and newly-restored RULER of the woodland realm.
Confront your fears and banish darkness at our Saturnalian Revels, with food and drink aplenty for all you lusty guts. Join your neighbours, Dead-Eyed Fairies and a Woodwose, all overseen for one night only by the Lord of Misrule.
Have you been Naughty or Nice?
RSVP, regardless.

As Christmas looms, the villagers come under the spell of the Holly King, a demigod bent on destroying Woodville. Faye, Bertie and the witches are determined to stop him, but first they must confront terrible truths that threaten to tear them apart.

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Praise for The Witches of Woodville series

‘I so enjoyed The Crow Folk. Set in an endearingly odd village in deepest Kent, it’s full of engaging characters and weird, witchy goings-on. Fast-paced, entertainingly creepy and at times laugh-out-loud funny, it’s also genuinely moving’—Michelle Paver, author of Wakenhyrst

‘ACE. Smart and funny and written so warmly. It’s an absolutely smashing read’—Pernille Hughes, author of Probably the Best Kiss in the World ​

‘Swept me straight back to days of losing myself in Diana Wynne Jones novels, and getting lost in truly absorbing, sometimes scary, sometimes emotive adventure with its roots in folklore and history. A story that is full of magic and delight that will thrill readers of any age’—Rowan Coleman, author of The Girl at the Window

‘A delightful mash-up of Dad’s Army and Charmed. An absolute treat’—CK McDonnell, author of Stranger Times

‘Warm, witty, witchy wartime fun. With Mark Stay as writer you’re always guaranteed a magical read’—Julie Wassmer, author of the Whitstable Pearl Mysteries

‘You’ll love it: Doctor Who meets Worzel Gummidge’—Lorna Cook, author of The Forgotten Village

‘A jolly romp with witches, demons, and bellringing. Pratchett fans will enjoy this, and Faye is a feisty and fun hero. Dad’s Army meets Witches of Eastwick’—Ian W Sainsbury

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