Woodville Parish Council

Welcome to Woodville

A village in Kent that you won’t find on any map.
Home to the Witches of Woodville

Splendid news! There is now a bookshop on the Witches of Woodville website. If you want a signed and dedicated paperback of any of my books, you can buy them directly from me.

But, I hear you cry, what if I already have a paperback and itโ€™s not signed? What can I do? Is there no justice in this cruel and uncaring universe?? Well, calm down, the good news isย the cheapest item in the store is a signed bookplate (only one pound!)

This image uses sample text to give you an approximation of what you will receive.

Iโ€™ll scribble my signature and your choice of dedication (keep it clean!) and pop it in the post. Iโ€™ll even throw in a free bookmark. All my books are currently in stock and there are bundles available if you want to bulk purchase and save money!

Simply CLICK HERE to visit the bookshop!