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Two Chickens for Laura Long Arms

A Witches of Woodville Story

Faye Bright discovers that a little kindness (and a couple of chickens) can go a long way…

July, 1940 β€” Just after the events of The Crow Folk…

Everyone in the village had heard the stories about Laura Long Arms. She lived in a bottomless pond in the wood and enticed you with wishes, but if you got too close she would grab you and drown you. Faye had always thought Laura Long Arms was just a silly story to scare children, but part of the legend said she could show you visions of the future, the past, and long-lost loved ones. When hope is in short supply in Woodville, Faye turns to Laura Long Arms to help a friend. But Laura’s help comes at a cost. Two chickens sounds easy enough, but in a time of rationing and hardship, getting hold of a couple of chooks will require some delicate negotiation from Faye…

Dear Reader,

Originally written for the Everyday Kindness charity anthology, this is the first time this story has been made available to newsletter subscribers.

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Miss Araminta Cranberry

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